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Fault — and you is a little Picasso or as successful business ideas are born

On the Internet hardly here so to buy wine “sitting in cowards at itself on kitchen”. And that it as Sandre Bullock’s pizza (by the way, in far 1995), delivered in 45 minutes. And here at them as soon as do not try to sell to you wine online. Therefore more low we publish the review of the most intricate, front lines, the most super-nejro-nano technician of advancement of wine in the western Internet shops.

“The health factor” is located on a shop site near to the wine image on an icon in the form of heart of the given wine.

Very witty course – to force to choose not skilled consumer wine, being based on its “advantage”. If to find analogies it will not be similar to sale of cigarettes “Liht” in which “there is less than harm”. It, more likely, from a series “our juice or yoghurt is better, because in it there are more than vitamins”. In this case in a role of “vitamins” polyphenols act. And on a site it is pseudoscientifically proved that the them it is more, the wine is more difficult on structure, it is more interesting on taste and it is more useful to health. By the way, I have noticed that cheap wine on this site “healthy” does not happen.