The Glenlivet 12 Years Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1L


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Character: The smooth and welcoming one
Colour: Bright and lively gold
Nose: Fruity, summer-like fragrances
Palate: Well-balanced and fruity with strong pineapple notes
Finish: Creamy and smooth with marzipan and fresh hazelnuts

Craft facts
The delicate and complex character of the 12 Year Old derives from the height and width of stills at The Glenlivet Distillery.

This expression is matured in a mixture of cask types, including American and European Oak.

Maturation in American oak imparts vanilla notes and gives the whisky its distinct smoothness.

The mineral rich water from Josie’s Well ensures the best possible results during mashing and fermenting to form the flavours that define this expression.


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